docker images

Please visit github for our popular docker image based on CentOs 7!

Contact us to purchase our custom image based on CentOS 8 with Apache, Perl, MariaDB, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and WordPress ready to go out of the box!


B I S Links . com

Welcome to Business Impact Solutions – a one-stop shop for all your web hosting, web design, web development, and software development needs.

Web Hosting

We provide hosting packages/services at affordable and competitive prices. Our data centers are based on cloud providers. Our backup servers are based in Texas.

Our hosting includes free and paid packages.

Web Design

We design custom templates for your website, blog (WordPress), charity, or business.

Web Development

We create 100% mobile device compatible apps, websites, and blogs.

Software Development

We develop software for Windows/Linux platform using web 2.0 technology.

Docker Images

We create custom docker images that work out of the box on any cloud platform that provide docker apps.